A Child-Centered Approach to Learning
We pride ourselves on a low student to teacher ratio.  Our teachers develop age-appropriate activities and modify them according to your child's needs. We meet your child at THEIR level.

Our Infant Room
Tummy time is important to build strong muscles to help your child learn to crawl. We incorporate tummy time into everyday. We also read, sing songs, and have one-on-one time with your child everyday.

Our Toddler Room
What a busy time! We have lots of toys for dumping, filling, and stacking because that's what toddlers like to do! We also teach shapes, colors, counting, Spanish and so much more.

Our Pre-School Room
We are constantly learning! Children learn everything they need to know to start Kindergarten. We have circle time every morning where we learn our days of the week, months, weather, letters & sounds, listen to stories, etc. We teach through hands-on learning. This year we learned about butterflies! The caterpillars came in the mail and we watched them transform into butterflies!
Our Curriculum at Blue Skies
Blue Skies Day Care & Pre-School