What Parents Are Saying About Blue Skies...

There isn't enough room to say all the wonderful things Blue
Skies provides for my 4 year old and 2 year old. The intimate setting is a perfect environment to engage each child intellectually, socially and physically. The low teacher to student ratio enables each daily project or lesson to be tailored to stimulate each child at their appropriate progress level. The artwork my children create under Blue Skies' guidance is remarkable and always proudly displayed once it is brought home. My 4 year old daughter learned what a chrysalis is and what happens to our newspapers and empty water bottles at the local recycling center. My 2 year old son verbally participates in daily circle time and can proudly talk about the personal item he chose to share with his classmates during the weekly "Show & Tell" session. Most importantly, the staff is intelligent, caring, patient, kind-hearted and yet set the proper boundaries and enforce the correct level of discipline if needed. They have become an extended part of our family. My children genuinely miss the staff member who may go on vacation and happily provide big hugs when they return. It is comforting to know my children look forward to going to Blue Skies and they are afforded the ideal setting to foster their growth.
-Marielle Rider
Blue Skies Day Care & Pre-School